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If you’re a local business like a restaurant, a salon, or a gym, where people have to walk in the door, a great offer to use is a coupon or a giveaway.
You can do a lot of different offers with coupons. Offer seven days free at your gym, buy one get one free, a free consultation, etc. People like to share coupons, which broadens the reach of your ad as well. At the time this ad ran, Facebook kept it all within Facebook, so it didn’t have a thank you page. Now, you can’t do that anymore so you want to make sure you have a thank you page.
Let’s say you have a service-based business, and you’re doing a free giveaway. The majority of your leads won’t be high quality, so a thank you page is extremely important. After they enter to win the giveaway, you want to have some kind of offer on the thank you page like a coupon. This helps to sift through those who are just entering to have a chance at getting something for free and those who actually have an interest or need for your service. You want to give them an incentive to pick up the phone or come into your business.
In the third funnel, we are using what is called a “Lead Ad.” The advantage of using a Lead Ad is that people can opt-in without ever leaving their newsfeed; in other words, there’s no need to have a web page. So if the thought of building a web site scares you, this might be the best option for you.

Even if you do have a website, with a Lead Ad, the user is probably not going to end up on your site. On the “Success” page, there is a button they can click to be taken to your thank you page, but in our experience, typically only about 20 to 25 percent of people click through.
For Local Businesses, there’s a third type of campaign you should consider running, and that’s a branding campaign. This campaign may or may not have a direct call to action but it is important to help establish your business as top of mind when someone in your community develops intent. We recommend allocating a small portion of your ad budget to branding.
A branding campaign can be as simple as boosting a post. For example, pretend you own a restaurant. You can post a picture of people having a great time in your restaurant and say, “Come into the restaurant, mention Facebook, and get a free appetizer.” It’s that easy.
If you’re a real estate agent or an automotive dealership, consider doing a video ad or an article. Your goal here is to have people see you and to build trust with them. Just boost it so people see the video or article all month long. Then, when they are ready to sell their house, buy a house, or buy a car, who do you think they will think of first?
This too can help you to build your invisible targeting lists—we’ll talk more about that in the Audience Chapter.
Facebook is a really inexpensive way to get your message out when you compare it to TV advertising, billboards, radio, or direct mailers. If you have 1,000 people watch at least 25 percent of your video that will probably cost you somewhere around five or ten cents for each view. Those are quality views and that is a big deal. If you can do a monthly video or article, it’s an extra bonus.
Now that you are armed with proven funnels and selling systems for your specific business, it’s time to put these fundamentals into practice and tweak them. 
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