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The first funnel is a Facebook ad to a lead magnet, to a product sales page to an order form . on page 75 is a Facebook ad to a product sales page to an order form. There may not seem to be much of a difference between the two funnels—they are selling the same product. But, the second is just one step further down the sales funnel.
You might be thinking, “I will sell 150 products; I don’t have a dedicated sales page for each product. This won’t work for me.” But in reality, it will. Remember, you want to focus your messaging on your audience’s ultimate desire or biggest frustration. Find your top selling product, keep it simple, and use these funnels.

In the example, both are video ads. The first funnel brings the target to a basic squeeze page lead magnet where they can download a one-day detox. A traditional link post ad works here because the goal is to just get a lead. The purpose of the video after the lead magnet is to acknowledge their last action, give directions on how to access the lead magnet, thank them, and guide them in whatever direction they need to go to use the offer. At this point in the funnel, you want to transition into why your product is the absolute next best step. A video ad was specifically chosen because we knew we wanted quality leads in order to make the transition to the sale easier. We want people who we’ve built brand awareness with and who have good feelings towards us because ultimately, they are much more likely to pull out their wallet after they have opted in.
In this example, the one-day detox download hooks the target with the promise to jumpstart weight loss. The funnel then transitions into the sale by telling them to imagine having 11 amazing super foods in a great tasting, convenient, on-the-go powder that you can take every day. It does a great job of transitioning to the sale and really worked for this campaign.
The second funnel shown takes a person right from Facebook to a sales page. Most people will try to run a regular link post ad and send the user right to a catalog of all their products or a coupon without any effort to build rapport. They don’t have messaging to build interest or desire in the product. It is very important to raise awareness to your audience’s frustration, their challenge, and their deep desires. If you do that and get the messaging right, you can take cold audiences from Facebook directly to a sales page. That is exactly what this funnel is doing.
This sales page is a long-form sales page with information about the product, testimonials, a video that creates desire, and order form buttons. It gives much more value than just directing someone to a generic product page. The product benefits are explained concisely, testimonials provide an element of trust, and the product is presented in a way to show how it solves their weight loss challenges. This ad does a good job of building trust, building a relationship, and effectively transitioning to the offer, which is why it can successfully take potential customers directly to the sales page.
If you have several products, pick your best product and create a great message around it. For now, you want to keep it simple. You can add all the complexity of retargeting and dynamic product ads later. That’s icing on the cake. Starting out, you just need to focus on one of the two proven sales funnels. The key to success is to understand the basic principles. Once you do that, you can take your specific situation and make adjustments as necessary to see what will work best for your products and audience.
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