Social Sharing Options

Social Sharing Options
It’s critical to remember the difference between social share and social follow. My clients always put a great amount of focus and value on social follow. Social follow is what most people think of—those social icons displayed on your website or blog that allow web users to click through and follow, like, or connect to your social media profiles. Social share, on the other hand, gives your readers the opportunity to share or bookmark your blog or website content on their own social accounts.

If you definitely want social follow options on your site, that’s fine—but realize it can be more harmful than helpful if you have no content on those sites. If people click through to follow you on Twitter or Like you on Facebook, and you have no consistent content there, it leaves them with a bad impression, a perception of unprofessionalism. So be careful what you publicize and where you invite people to collaborate with you. Social media is collaborative discussion. If you’re not “talking” there, why would they join you? Because of this, I have occasionally counseled clients to list only one channel for social follow. LinkedIn is a good one (at least for business-to-business orientations), because organizations often have a profile there. (And guess what—if you don’t think you have a profile there, you’d better check that!) Regardless, LinkedIn has traditionally been more static, with a basic About company description and contact info. There’s much, much more you can (and should) do with your corporate LinkedIn profile (such as the new “Showcase”), but that basic info is very common.
For example, now LinkedIn allows for companies to make ongoing Updates on their company profiles, but for years it was merely a static profile. So it’s convenient to allow people to follow your business there, even if you can’t update it every week. Therefore, if you have to have only LinkedIn as your channel for website visitors to “follow,” it’s still acceptable to do this, and it is better than nothing.
What’s so good about “social share?” By empowering (and encouraging) web and blog visitors to “share” your content, you still have a social media presence, but you’re arming your fans to do the social media marketing for you! Social share allows them to easily promote your content on their own social media accounts, whichever they may be (so your business profile shows up in their personal Facebook updates, LinkedIn posts, or tweets).
But spreading the word and promoting yourself in the social space is only part of your reward. Guess what else you are getting for these social share widgets? SEO! That’s right! You get SEO benefits—namely, inbound links from others, and consequently higher rankings.

Social Follow Options

Still not feeling 100% on the differences between social share and social follow? Well, you have social media profiles. And so does ACME the business. If you like ACME’s latest blog post, you can share that on your own Facebook or Twitter page by clicking the Share icons from the blog post. Still with me? That’s social “share.”
But on their blog, ACME social marketers also ask you to “follow us on Twitter,” and provide a link to their Twitter page. When you click to follow them, this is what you are doing—following their own Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+ page so that the company’s posts will now appear on your own wall. Got it?

RSS Feeds of Social Content

RSS is one of the defining technologies of Web 2.0. In fact, it is so ubiquitous that much of the time you don’t even realize when you’re seeing or using it. What content feeds are RSS and what aren’t? The ubiquity of modern web technologies makes it a difficult question to answer. For the user, the question may be irrelevant.
Any guess on what RSS stands for? “Really simple syndication.” So if you thought it would have some hi-tech Tron-esque definition, think again. But what is it? For starters, it’s that orange icon you see on websites. That looks like ripples or waves in the corner. Or a non-colored rainbow. 
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