SEO Basic Blog Checklist

SEO Basic Blog Checklist
The following are some good, basic SEO implementations that can be done even to a free blog. They can help your blog be seen by the search engines and get it rising in the SERP (but those in italics are most important). Remember that these must be driven by strategic planning—all that fun stuff we covered in the previous chapter. This is just a checklist to mark off as you conduct your SEO efforts. When is a good time to do this execution? If you’re just starting to build your blog, that’s the best time; it’s easiest to start executing these steps while in development. Although these steps are feasible for both basic, free blogs, as well as developed full sites, the next chapter offers a checklist for fully built WordPress sites and blogs with customization.
Google accounts setup for syncing.
• Google+ account setup/synced.
• Google Maps integration on contact page.

Page text.
Identify major keywords and populate on page and heads.
• Images optimized.
• Image filenames and descriptions utilizing keywords.
• Images placed on Google+ page.
• YouTube.
• Host videos on your YouTube channel and drop them into your site or blog post. 
Blog SEO setups.
Tags and categories.
Set Permalinks.
Set Akismet.
Auto tags.
• Set author information 
Create search engine accounts and submit site to search engines.
Set up analytics.
• WordPress analytics (inherited from Google Analytics).
• Google Webmaster tools integration.
• Bing Webmaster tools integration. (We discuss these more in this chapter.)
• Ask someone (a third party) to submit the site to social search and bookmarking sites.
• Delicious.
• Reddit.
• StumbleUpon.
• Digg.
• Technorati.
• Check and capture SERP results. 

Set up location-based directories if relevant: 

Local SEO is instrumental if you have a location-based storefront business, such as a restaurant or law office, or even if you’re more of an onsite service, such as a lawn care service or exterminator. Not only are location-based SEO channels helpful to your customers who will search for you locally, their profiles are optimized independently from your blog or website (but link to these) and are easier to set up than full blog or website SEO. Sold yet? We dive fully in to how to optimize for location-based SEO in  on mobile and local SEO.

Google Webmaster Tools Setup and Accounts Syncing: 

There are many things that does automatically for you or makes easier than full, customized WordPress websites. But Google Webmaster Tools is one of the exceptions. Note that Google Webmaster Tools is not a requirement by any means for your blog. But it is a good thing for search results (and it is good for your overall understanding of how SEO works). This is pretty easy. You can use several plug-ins for custom-built WordPress sites, whose purpose it is to set up these channels. But I still prefer to do it manually (which also works for sites). When I provide services for clients, I always start by generating a generic Gmail account for them and their social sites, WordPress site login, plug-ins registrations, stock image accounts, and so on. With that account, I set up the client Google+ business profile and other Google accounts. At that point, I can easily add the Google Webmaster Tools account. 
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