What is organic SEO? How To Get Organic Traffic

What is organic SEO? How To Get Organic Traffic
What is organic SEO? How To Get Organic Traffic
What is organic SEO?

Organic SEO is, in the simplest possible way, a search engine optimization done manually, without a black hat method, without a desk-top method and without an automatic script. This is the purest form of optimizing your website for the benefit of search engines, while maintaining the interest of visitors to your site. Well done, this is exactly what search engines look for in a website. Once they find it, your site will be rewarded with better rankings and improved positions in the search engine results pages. Throughout this article, it will be called simply SEO.

Understand the search engines

Understanding search engines and their general concept is essential to the use of effective SEO methods. Search engines allow their visitors to enter a specific word or term, called keywords. Once submitted, all pages containing the keywords that can be found in the search engine directory are listed in the search engine results pages. Each page is ranked according to its relevance, popularity and a few other factors. Therefore, in theory, the more relevant a page is for a given keyword, the more likely it will appear at the top of the lists.

Presentation of search engine spiders

Another important factor to remember from search engines is that they do not use real people to explore the billions of websites and judge their relevance. Instead, they use automated software called "spider" or "bot" that works much faster. The calculations that the search engine uses to determine the ranking of a website are called algorithms and, in the case of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, these algorithms are changed regularly. The changes and specifics of the algorithms are not disclosed to the public to prevent black hat SEOs from manipulating their sites to reach the top of the stack despite the fact that they contain relevant information for the query or keyword.

Search Engine Optimization - Optimization for Visitors

Of course, to a certain extent, anyone who reads this article is probably guilty of having modified our web pages to respond to the quirks of search engines, but it must be done in a positive and natural way. We understand that the optimization of a page solely for the benefit of search engines can significantly reduce the real value of the site for your visitors. Search engines also understand this, hence the evolution of algorithms. With each new algorithm created and typically patented by search engines such as Google, we are getting closer to a structure in which sites are truly judged on their value to visitors. It may sound like a novel by Isaac Asimov, but algorithms and spiders become fundamentally more human.

Basic components of SEO

The optimization methods of your website are saved in another article, but the basic components of a SEO campaign are divided into page and off page optimization techniques. Page referencing includes factors such as keyword inclusion, content optimization, page structure, etc., while inbound links are the primary off-page optimization factor. There are many different factors in each of these areas and different SEOs will give you varied information on the most relevant factors to get higher rankings. These important differences of opinion occur because no one is certain of the criteria of the algorithm.

The advantages of SEO

SEO is probably the most beneficial way to advertise on the Internet. It is very profitable, can produce long-term results and the prospects it generates are chosen and targeted. This does not mean that you should not consider trying other methods of advertising for your site. For many, banner ads, press releases (can also be used as part of an SEO campaign), sponsored links campaigns and sponsored links are very beneficial and will contribute to the popularity of your site.

To profitability and to life

Profitability is easily determined when you examine the potential of an SEO campaign compared to the method that many consider the best solution: the CPP. A Sponsored Links Campaign will usually cost you more than 5 cents per visitor.

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