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Fifteen “WordPress SEO Success” Principles
Videos ads are incredibly important for long-term success on Facebook. That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire chapter in this book to the topic. So, it might surprise you that video ads are not introduced until the third and final phase. This is because video, although extremely powerful, can be difficult to produce. It is resource intensive. (Not always, though!) It can take time to storyboard, script, film, and edit. In the first two phases, you’re still figuring out exactly which hook and offer resonates best with your audience. During the first two phases, it’s much simpler and faster to test different hooks and offers by changing your text and image rather than making a whole new video, or even a different segment of an existing video.
This is why it’s more efficient to first run long-copy ads before introducing video. (Like I did with the free book funnel.) A helpful tip is to turn your best performing long copy ad into the basic script of a video. However, some people find it easier to create videos than they do writing long copy. If this is the case, then you want to start with video right out of the gate. (This is what I do in some cases, as sometimes it’s faster for me to just make a video than write out the story for a great ad.)
A hot audience is made up of people who started the buying process, but for some reason did not complete it. It’s possible that the reason they didn’t purchase was because they weren’t interested in your offer. However, it’s entirely possible (and common) they just got interrupted or distracted. The attention span online is about five seconds. So, if you don’t have a system picking up these lost customers, you’re leaving tons of easy money on the table.
The following are some proven strategies that work.
A Different Message
Remember, inside every audience, there are different people with different levels of awareness and intent, as well as different buyer personalities. There are the “I want the best” people, who are competitive and sometimes egotistical, the “I’m an impulse buyer” people, and the “I am a process-driven person” people, who are methodical, slow, structured, and are logic-based decision makers. And finally, there are the “I go with my gut” or “listen to my heart” people, who are slow, unstructured, humanistic, emotion-based decision-makers. The best way to deal with these different personality
Some of the best performing Facebook ad campaigns for a few of our clients are video ads made from a video they already had on their YouTube channel. The first thing Ralph Burns, The Agency CEO, does with new clients is watch every video on their YouTube channel if they have a channel. Some of our best success stories are campaigns using videos they already had!
Hot Tip: Here’s a list of questions to ask people if you want some testimonials that will sell the heck out of your products. Use these questions for gathering great stories for your main website and sales pages too.
1.Ask what problem, challenge, pain, or frustration they were looking to get help with before using your product/service.
2.What were they worried, concerned about, or hesitant about your product before they pulled the trigger? (This will help overcome common objections, and give you more data around objections for your sales process.)
3.What were their results? How is life or lifestyle, business, etc. better now? (Looking for transformation stories.)
4.What did they like best about [your product]?
5.Would they recommend [your product] to a friend? If so, how can it help them?
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